PROFILE: “GANTARA” ITS INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION Archipelago Institution Integrated Development Foundation Garden Street Market Secretariat Suropati Lawata (House Mr. La nopa, S. Pd) Kel. MandongaDistricts, Kec. MandongaDistricts, Kendari municipality Prop. Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia Postal Code. 93 111 Hp: 085756509805/081245521485/081245982845

Based on the popular conditions that exist in the Republic of Indonesia, where can we see it in person or through the mass media, then added with the condition of society in the region of Southeast Sulawesi, plus the rampant violations of the social life of society in all fields, both in law and ham, destruction of environment and natural resources, and diversion of aid from any party, plus with the conditions of a society that is very alarming that so jaug left behind from any aspect, then we took the initiative to establish a community social organizations are in the know with the already popular title of NGOs ( Non Government Organization) or NGO / FOUNDATION whose purpose is to conduct activities sifatanya populist who can help and give minimal aid the understanding of all aspects of life that exist today and the future for the people create a better life
After that, we saw the existing social conditions are now becoming increasingly complex, both in terms of economic adversity, injustice in the application of law, domestic violence, and ultimately its impact to the democracy that has not received it and the intelligent community in practice, this proved of direct election of a lively community regards the choice, by karen for the sake of humanity that we finally agreed to set up and establish FOUNDATION “GANTARA” Archipelago Integrated Development Institution, a foundation with the Secretariat address Lawata Market Suropati Park Road (House of Mr. La Nopa, S. Pd) Kelurahan MandongaDistricts, MandongaDistricts District, Municipality Kendari Southeast Sulawesi Province Indonesia Zip Code. 93 111 Hp: 085756509805/081245521485/08124598284, where we as the founders consist of Mr IR. Joseph, Sarmeda SH, MH, Aidin, D, S. Pd, Derwun, SE, believer, S. Sos with the Executive Director of the believer, S. Sos

The outline of the program will GANTARA political awareness and understanding of law and human rights, preservation of natural resources, development and empowerment of communities from all walks of life, especially efforts to increase the people’s economy,
Because our budget keterbatasn invite investigators who bekeinginan to help our popular program for humanity. For in the know we have several divisions as a picture of some of the activities that will be our lakukana. Where, in some cases divisions or areas in which we prepare for managing the program in accordance with what is needed by society, namely:
1.Divisi, Community Economic Development

2.Divisi Education, Justice and Human Rights Advocacy, Social Control and Political Education

3.Divisi Conservation of Natural Resources and Environment

4.Divisi Women’s Empowerment
and Gender Equality

5.Divisi Public Complaints

6.Divisi Public Relations And Publications

7.Divisi Youth and Sports


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